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Herringbone Walnut Floor Finished on SiteDuring your new wood floor installation process, we are there to help with the many decisions such as wood species, board widths, finishes, and material options.  Site finishing wood floors is our speciaity.  This type of wood floor installation allows borders, inlays, and patterns to be installed and finished, yeilding a flat floor with no board distinction.  This process requires a high level of experience, ability, and proper equipment to achieve outstanding results. 

Prior to the actual installation of the wood floor, the relative humidity (R/H) must be maintained between 40% and 50%.  Once this is established, and the moisture in the subfloor is within 2% of the measured moisture in the wood flooring, we will deliver the flooring 4 - 5 days prior to the installation to let the wood aclimatize. 

Solid wood floors are effected by changes in the relative humidity.  Signs of cupping, gapping, and buckeling may occur when the R/H is not stable.  Engineered hardwood flooring is a highly recommended product that helps maintain a flat, stable, floor as the R/H fluctuates.  Engineered wood flooring has a layer of solid wood laminated on a plywood substrate.  This type of wood floor construction give a more stable floor above grade, and allows for a quality wood floor in your basement.  Yes, you can even have the beauty of a site finished floor with enginereed products.

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