Stairs and Wood Floors


It's a pleasure to come into a home that has worn hardwood floors, and make it new again.  This process removes the existing stain and finish, getting to the point where we are working with an untouched wood surface again that will accept the new stain and finish.  Refinishing a wood floor isn't always a solution for areas where there is excesive damage.  This may require additional attention, flooring boards may need to be replaced, or the floor may need to be refastened in certaing areas.  Refinishing a wood floor does not eliminate any movement or noise that a floor may make.  However, at Lennox our trades-people are skilled at finding these problems and fixing them before the floor is sanded and refinished.

Our refinishing equipment is unique in that it enables us to contain virtually all of the dust making your refinishing experience virtually dust free.   We use water based finishes and we would be glad to speak to you regarding why this is far superior to oil finish. 

Wood floors do have a life span.  After a floor has been refinished 2 - 4 times (depending on floor thickness), the flooring fasteners start to show in the floor surface.  This can be a problem and may result in replacing the floor as opposed to refinishing it.  The life left in a floor can be determined by inspecting the end of a section of the floor.  An easy way to do this is to remove a hot air vent where it will allow you to see the end of a flooring board.  We like to see 3/32" as a minimum above the tongue.

Refinishing a hardwood floor is less expensive than replacing it and adds great value to you home!

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