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Wood Floors

At Lennox Stairs & Hardwood Floors our strength lies in our ability to translate any plan or idea into a reality that suits your situation. When approached with plans (or just a rough sketch that is common in renovations) we begin to work with architects, builders, and clients to create a plan from the first site visit, on to completion.

At the stair and railing design stage, we incorporate any unique specifications from your plans, or simply ideas, into accurate and detailed drawings from which the stair is built. Each and every stair we manufacture is constructed to compliment the home it will be installed in and meet all building codes.

Our first step is meeting with the client to get a good idea of what you want to see in the finished product. If hardwood flooring is also is also a requirement, we can help with your desicison on wood species and stain colours in the first stages so that your stairs and floors are a seemless compliment to you home.

Depending upon the stage of the home in construction (or under renovation), and which of our services are required, the process may take a few different paths. Rest assured that from your first contact until after installation we are only a phone call away.

We pride ourselves in being reasonably priced and our product is delivered on-time. We are known for our service in a trade where these services are placed at a premium.

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