Stairs and Wood Floors


Here at Lennox Stairs and Wood Floors we have many years of experience in every aspect of the trade.  We've designed, built and installed hundereds of stairs from your basic carpet-grade basement stair to the highly custom and engineered stairway.  From a fully custom steel stairway to integrated landings and architect designed railing systems Lennox Stairs and Wood Floors can bring what has been imagined on paper to reality.

We are also known for our expertise in these areas:

  • New construction: If you are in the planning stage and would like a free quote or help with your design.
  • Resurfacing: Our sales team has many options.  You can email us if you would like to discuss options.
  • Stair Products: While we do not have a wharehouse that supplies balusters etc. to the public we are an excellent source for custom stair parts, replacement spindles and custom elements like curved nosing.

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